DVD Backup x265

contrem · January 12, 2020

Backup DVDs into x265 format.

Extract the VOB file using mplayer:

# MPlayer SVN-r38139
mplayer -dvd-device /dev/sr0 -nocache dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile video.vob

If you get a read error during VOB extraction, use ddrescue to dump the disc to ISO first:

# GNU ddrescue 1.24
ddrescue -v -b 2048 -r 3 /dev/sr0 video.iso video.log

Then try the VOB extraction again using the iso:

mplayer -dvd-device video.iso -nocache dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile video.vob

Analyze the file using ffmpeg to find the streams:

# ffmpeg version n4.2.1
ffmpeg -analyzeduration 500M -probesize 500M -i video.vob

Convert closed captions to subrip if needed.

Do the final conversion. The following assumes you want to save the first three streams in the file:

ffmpeg -analyzeduration 500M -probesize 500M \
  -i video.vob \
  -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map 0:2 \ # save the first three streams
  -c:v libx265 -crf 18 -b:v 0 \ # convert video with x265
  -c:a copy \ # copy audio as is
  -c:s copy \ # copy subtitles as is
  -metadata title="Movie Title Here" \

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